verb  │  dad•ding  │  \’da-diŋ

:  to bring up and care for (a child) in a male centric way.  Often accomplished with beer, TV, half-truths, and cheesy-sayings.


Life comes at you fast when you have a new child – there is no transition period.  In an instant you have a new person in your family that is absolutely dependent on you.  You discover new ways to work together with your spouse, and you find new joys, as well as, struggles in everyday tasks.  

As a new dad, the best part of each day was coming home from work and taking my daughter for a long stroller ride with a cold beer - this became my new happy hour.  To me this was more fun than any bar or restaurant with co-workers or friends and I looked forward to these moments.  I quickly realized I needed a product that not only kept my beverage cold but made it easy to consume.  After searching for anything that would work, I realized there are virtually zero products on the market for new dads.  This is when The Original DaddieCaddie™ was born - made simply for personal use, the product gained local notoriety on the shores of Alki Beach in Seattle and the urge to help all new parents became insatiable.

Happy Hour has a different meaning for everyone. At Dadding & Co. we want to inspire enjoyable experiences with a beverage on-the-go, and the DaddieCaddie™ was made to hold a variety of beverages from cold cans to warm coffees.

Your life changes instantly when you become a new parent, but it takes time to adjust to all the changes occurring in your life so rapidly.  Dadding & Co. recognizes this transition and creates products that enhance everyday moments with your little ones. 

Welcome to your new happy hour™