A unique cup holder and koozie, all-in-one

Welcome to Your New Happy Hour



Mounts Anywhere

Secure the patent-pending ACTIVECLIP™ universal mount to any handlebar, and don’t worry about the angle of the bar - you’ll never spill a drop! 


Stays Colder Longer

Our custom design is larger than any other koozie to keep your beverage colder, longer.  Oh, and it covers the entire length of your 12 oz beverage can, so enjoy your drink anywhere you stroll.


Enjoyed Everywhere

Detaches and reattaches to the universal mount making it easy to use and extremely versatile. From bikes, to boats, to beach cruisers, and more.


Originally bought this for me but my husband kept stealing it from me for our strolls to the park etc. it will be a great father’s day gift so he can have his own. I even used my Daddie Caddie at the pool a couple weekends ago!
Great unique baby shower gift too!


Bought this as a baby shower gift for the dad and it was a big hit! Everyone forgets about dad when it's time for gifting. This is an affordable fun gift.

Rose D.

The old school thick foam can koozie is taller than normal ones so it covers my beer can which is great for walks using our stroller. I also remove the koozie from the plastic holder and just use that as a normal cupholder for my water bottle and coffee. Wish this product was around when I had my first kid but definitely a must have for all dads. Hoping they design a bigger one for larger cans. Awesome!!!

Paul M.

Modified it to fit the handle bars of my Spyder Rt/Limited. Works and Looks Great

Gary H.

This thing is awesome. Super easy to mount to anything - I've used it on our stroller, my golf push cart and bike so far. Keeps my beverage of choice cold and level so it doesn't spill. I already ordered another one and sent it to a buddy who just had a kid. He loves it and is using it for strolls along the beach with their newborn in the stroller. I'll be giving this to all my buddies for baby shower gifts!

Drew B.

I bought this for my Uppababy stroller and it’s amazing! There is a spring-loaded ball bearing on the circle mounting piece that makes a “click” sound when you attach the cup holder. This is a nice feature that lets you know your cup holder is secure and locked into place. I recommend it to everyone! It was designed in a way that you can hook it to anything, not just the stroller. We have found many uses for our DaddieCaddies!


Really happy to find this cup holder for our uppababy Vista stroller. When our daughter uses the riding board, we can't use our other drink holder across the handle bars and this solved our problem! Doesn't slip or tip over. Fits my coffee cup, yeti, kid water bottles, etc. Used on our umbrella stroller too without issue. Going to buy as baby gifts from now on

Amazon Customer

Absolutely love this product! I have a doona car seat/stroller, if you are familiar with them, then you know they don’t have a cup holder. This is so perfect to just clip right on and go! The quality is amazing and so easy to use! HIGHLY recommend!!


We attach our DaddieCaddie to the back handle of our Uppa Vista and Zoie strollers vs using the side attachment that comes with most strollers and inconveniently fly's off when you go through a door at Starbucks. I love that I can easily attach the DaddieCaddie to so many different places, I even use it for my kids to have a cup holder ;)

Matt W.